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The main culprit: mismatch between two geographic codes.

Nagog Pond in the north, forms Acton's border with the Town of Littleton and provides drinking water to the Town of Concord."Cut the act," his voice was sharp, and before she knew it, he was just a foot in front of her.He was fast, faster than any other vampire she had encountered, and that was saying something, but his speed wasn't what caught her off guard; it was his harsh tone. Rated for sexual content and violence in later chapters.Because the two sets of geographical boundaries don’t match up perfectly, there are some areas, particularly less populated ones, where the statistics are not available.For more information on the geographic variable used for this analysis, see IPUMS-USA.Carlisle Cullen, a man living in a self-imposed purgatory for the undisclosed sins of his past. And when he leaves abruptly, Bella is reminded of the first time he had left her, back when she was human.


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